Realistic Career Option: Coaching Youth Basketball


Step-by-step checklist for starting, marketing and running successful basketball camps.

Youth basketball coaches are everywhere. Why? They love doing what they do! If it were up to them, they would engage coaching as a full-time endeavor. The problem is they don’t know how to make that work.

I’m an out of the box thinker. Anything is possible. No one should have to do something simply because that’s where the money is! As they say, do what you’re passionate about, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

My desire is to create a resource that shows, and trains coaches how to run basketball camps for a living. The problem is many coaches don’t think it’s realistic. If this mental hurdle isn’t overcome, they’ll be stuck doing something that’s less than desirable.

In order to help coaches, an open mind is a must. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. If coaches are comfortable with their “9-to-5”, then all of a sudden, someone comes to them and presents something out of their comfort zone, change may be slow to come.

I pondered, what’s the best way to explain this opportunity to coaches.

Then one day, the answer hit me! Use the personal trainer model, with a few tweaks. Instead of working with 1 kid per hour, the coach would work with 20. Instead of charging $100/hour for 1 kid, the coach charges $25/hour for 20 kids. By modeling your business this way, your revenues would be $500/hour ($25/hour * 20 kids), as opposed to $100/hour (for 1 kid).

Now, run 8 sessions weekly. Your gross revenues would be $4,000 per week, instead of $800. The answer to becoming a full-time youth basketball coach is to run basketball camps.

To present, and show youth basketball coaches how this can become a reality, I’ve rolled out a masterclass entitled, “How to Earn a 6-Figure Income Running Basketball Camps Without Owning a Gym or Having Any Prior Experience”.

The masterclass content is the exact blueprint I’ve used to generate revenues in excess of 1.5 million dollars in 12 years.

About the author 

Coach Berry

John Berry (a.k.a. Coach Berry) has been a basketball coach and skill development trainer since 1993 and has coached hundreds of games and instructed 1,000’s of kids. Coach Berry is, and always has been committed to helping youth in life and on the basketball court.

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