Rolled up out of there


Step-by-step checklist for starting, marketing and running successful basketball camps.

When running your own basketball training academy, you must be very clear of your demographics.

For me, I look for families meeting the following criterion:

  • Married
  • $75,000+ combined income
  • $150,000+ home value
  • Have kids
  • Sport enthusiasts

Families meeting this criterion are perfect. They have the means, and there’s demand. With this, you can succeed at running a profitable basketball training academy.

This is wonderful! But there is another side. Sometimes, the kids you work with are spoiled, and used to getting there way.

Recently, I was delivering a private basketball lesson ($150 / hour) at a kid’s home (valued at $1+ million dollars).

During the lesson, the kid was perpetually “fooling” around. I warned him multiple times.

After the 3rd time, I instructed him to sit down. I then gathered my equipment, placed it in my car and told his parents I cut the lesson short due to “horseplay”.

Afterwards, I rolled up out of there!

Keep in mind, this is a premium customer. They’re in 3 of my basketball training programs totaling $500/month.

Despite that, I still rolled out! You can’t own me because you pay me money!

Being in business for yourself isn’t just about money. It’s about control and freedom, which is my primary driving force!

I don’t put up with nonsense. I just don’t have the tolerance for it.

P.S. The parents reached out (immediately) and apologized. Now, all is good!

About the author 

Coach Berry

John Berry (a.k.a. Coach Berry) has been a basketball coach and skill development trainer since 1993 and has coached hundreds of games and instructed 1,000’s of kids. Coach Berry is, and always has been committed to helping youth in life and on the basketball court.

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